Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Barbarous Afghans demand right to rape their wives In Kabul this week, dozens of Afghan women marched for the right to not be raped by their husbands. A new law has sparked an international response after being enacted last March. In this legislation, Afghan men can demand sex from their wives every four days. It also has stipulations that control how women can appear in public. The women who were brave enough to march against the legislation were pelted by rocks and called dogs. So here's the question. As Libertarians how do we respond to something of this nature. Obviously we would say we never should have been there in the first place, but the reality is we are there, and we are the puppet masters of their government. So, if we as American taxpayers are already footing the bill to govern these Shiite Muslim brutes, should we have a say in the legislative process? If we are going to go ahead and spread democracy at the barrel of a gun, then how about we put an AK in these evolutionary throwbacks faces? Would that violate the non aggression principle? If the Afghan women seek for us to defend them against force, then is it consistent with a libertarian philosophy? Obama has called the legislation abhorrent, and Hamid Karzai has placed it under review, but I'm curious what the Libertarian community thinks of this. Update: It turns out they can't rape them... but they can starve them! Ahh much better right?